Popularly known as Zrinjevac (the official name of the place is Nikole Šubića Zrinskog Square), it is one of Zagreb’s most famous and most beautiful urban parks. The park is located in the very center of the city and is one of its most recognizable landmarks, a must-see destination for any visitor. Zrinjevac is also a place where many city events take place: Advent in Zagreb, Cest is d’ Best street festival and Zagreb classic to name a few.

It is a part of a larger urban complex known as the Green Horseshoe or Lenuci’s Horseshoe, which is made up of seven Zagreb squares (Nikole Šubića Zrinskog Square, Josipa Jurja Strossmayera Square, Kralja Tomislava Square, Ante Starčevića Square, Marka Marulića Square, Ivana Mažuranića Square and Republike Hrvatske Square) and the Botanical Garden.

Zrinjevac got its name in 1866. In the middle of the park there is a music pavilion, where concerts and numerous other events are held regularly. In the northern part of the park there is a meteorological pillar, which measures air humidity, pressure and temperature while in the southern part of the park busts of Croatian historical figures are on display.

Photo © Turistička zajednica grada Zagreba. Photo by J. Duval.