The Glyptotheque

The Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts was founded in 1937 under the name Gipsoteka with the aim of presenting the plaster casts of the architectural plastic of immovable monuments of Croatian cultural heritage. Its collection has, over time, been enriched with numerous relevant works of Croatian sculpture of the 19th and 20th centuries, and today it holds more than 13,000 exhibits.

The Glyptotheque is an integral part of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and it is a sculpture museum where sculptural creativity from antiquity to the present time can be seen.

Today, the Glyptotheque occupies a space of more than 14,000 m² and houses the largest collection of sculptures in Croatia.

Photo © Turistička zajednica grada Zagreba. Photo by M. Vrdoljak.