The Glyptotheque

The Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts was founded in 1937 under the name Gipsoteka with the aim of presenting the plaster casts of the architectural plastic of immovable monuments of Croatian cultural heritage. Its collection has, over time, been enriched with numerous relevant works of Croatian... Continue reading


Popularly known as Zrinjevac (the official name of the place is Nikole Šubića Zrinskog Square), it is one of Zagreb's most famous and most beautiful urban parks. The park is located in the very center of the city and is one of its most recognizable landmarks, a must-see destination for... Continue reading

Cest is d’ Best

Cest is d’ Best is an international multimedia street festival, which preserves Zagreb’s identity, enlivens city streets and squares, bringing them back charm and optimism. It erases the borders between the established forms of culture and alternative culture, brings closer all generations of citizens through various cultural preferences because each... Continue reading

INmusic festival

The INmusic festival is the largest open-air festival held in Croatia. It takes place once a year on Lake Jarun in Zagreb. In the past fourteen years, the INmusic festival has become a top musical event and has earned its place on the map of the best European outdoor music... Continue reading

The Technical Museum

The Technical Museum, established in 1954 in Zagreb, follows in the tradition of the great science and technology museums of the world. Since 1958 it has occupied the protected wooden buildings designed by architect Marijan Haberle. The buildings were erected initially to house the Zagreb Fair. In addition to the... Continue reading