The Mirogoj Cemetery

The Mirogoj Cemetery is Zagreb’s largest cemetery park, situated on the slopes of Mount Medvednica, and it is considered one of the most beautiful European cemeteries. However, it is also a beautifully landscaped park and an open art gallery. Since many famous people were buried there, Mirogoj is often referred to as the Croatian Pantheon. All of the arcades and pavilions were built following the exact designs made by the renowned architect Hermann Bollé, even the ones constructed after his death. The Mirogoj complex is the largest and most valuable monument of the 19th century architecture in Zagreb. The construction of its arcades commenced only three years after the cemetery was open in 1879 and lasted for thirty-eight years, until 1917. They were built only on the west side of the cemetery. South of the main entrance there are eight pavilions, and north of the entrance another four. After the fourth pavilion comes a passageway, followed by small arcades which form an arch towards the east, and which comprise six pavilions. The inspiration for the arcades came from Italian Renaissance cemeteries.

Photo © Turistička zajednica grada Zagreba. Photo by M. Vrdoljak.