The Mimara Museum

The Mimara Museum was built due to a donation given by the renowned art collector Ante Topić Mimara and his wife, Wiltrud Mimara, and it was opened to the public in 1987 at the Roosevelt Square in Zagreb. It houses over 3,750 various artefacts of exceptional artistic value, from Antiquity and Ancient Egyptian objects to the paintings of some of the world’s greatest master painters, such as Raphael, Velasquez, Rubens and Rembrandt. Today Mimara is Zagreb’s principal museum. The glasswork collection exhibited there is truly a unique group of objects. With over 300 exhibits, it showcases the development of this craft from Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire to the famous Venetian and other European glass-blowing workshops. The Far East collection contains objects made of precious and rare materials, such as jade, lak, and rhinoceros horn. The museum holds in its possession a large professional library with 5,400 volumes. The permanent exhibition is organised chronologically, according to historic and stylistic periods. The museum also often hosts thematic exhibitions.

Photo © Turistička zajednica grada Zagreba. Photo by G. Vranić.