The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb has been an independent institution since 1939, and before that it operated as a part of the Croatian National Museum. It is situated in the historicist palace Vranyczany-Hafner opposite the Zrinjevac park. The museum fundus today numbers almost 450,000 various artefacts. It is categorised into the following collections: Antiquity (Ancient Greek and Roman artefacts), Pre-historic and Early Medieval periods. This also includes a numismatic collection, one of the largest such collections in Europe and the world. The museum’s permanent collection consists of the permanent Pre-historic and Egyptian collections. There is also the introductory part of the permanent Ancient Greek collection, such as Greek vases, artefacts connected to the Greek colonisation of the Adriatic coast and Roman army equipment, and a collection of stone monuments.

The museum also holds a unique collection of Etruscan artefacts, the most famous, and surely most valuable, being the Linen Book of Zagreb (Liber linteus Zagrabiensis), a manuscript with the longest preserved Etruscan text and the only such preserved text of the entire ancient world, together with the Etruscan mummy. The Museum also looks after the archaeological park Andautonija at Šćitarjevo, the location of the remains of an ancient Greek town dating to the period between the 1st and 4th centuries.

Photo © Turistička zajednica grada Zagreba. Photo by M. Vrdoljak.